Glenn Beck coming to Dish Network


Dish Network14 months after Glenn Beck left Fox News for the Internet, his new online TV network “TheBlaze” is returning to TV in a new deal with the Dish Network. The channel launches at 5 PM on 9/12, when Beck’s show airs.

Said Chris Balfe, CEO of The Blaze in a blog post: “But now, a year later, everything has changed. Our subscribers’ enthusiasm and support has allowed us to make the necessary investments in programming and infrastructure, and we’re now in a position to launch a cable and satellite channel without losing control. We have the best staff, the best talent, world-class facilities and great distribution partners lined up, and we’ve done it all while ensuring that we answer to no one except our own audience.”

More than 300,000 people had subscribed to his Web network as of March, and Beck’s radio show is still one of the biggest in the nation. But he has not been able to penetrate popular discourse in the same way he did when he had millions of Fox News viewers. said August was its best month ever, and that it hosted 9 million unique visitors.

In a press release, Beck said, “TheBlaze has helped revolutionize television over the Internet and now we are excited to bring the revolution back to traditional television.”

Beck launched GBTV — later renamed TheBlazeTV — on 9/12/11. Dish subscribers  can pay $5 a month for the station alone or subscribe to it as part of Dish’s America’s Top 250 package. It will also remain available online.

TheBlaze features Beck and other hosts/commentators, including Jay Severin Andrew Wilkow, S.E. Cupp, Buck Sexton and Will Cain. It will be available as a free preview through 9/26.

The line-up of programs will continue to include “The Glenn Beck Program,” “Liberty TreeHouse,” “Real News From TheBlaze,” and a new show hosted by Wilkow.

A new syndicated half-hour pop culture TV talk show, “Dish Nation,” was also recently launched (9/10). It features leading drive-time personalities from across the nation. Cleared in over 95% of the country, including the Fox TV stations in NY, LA and Chicago, “Dish Nation” airs weeknights and includes Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill from WPLJ-FM NY; Rickey Smiley, Blaine Fowler and Allyson Martinek of WDVD-FM Detroit, Kidd Kraddick and DJ Laz.


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