Golden Voice Ted Williams briefly held by LA police


Ted Williams, the Columbus OH homeless man whose golden voice has garnered him national attention, had to do some quick talking to LA police while in town taping an appearance for the Dr. Phil show. Officers were called when Williams and his daughter got into a loud argument about 9PM 1/10 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa, reported The AP.

A disturbance report was made. Both parties were angry but there were no signs of visible abuse,” an LA police offer said. “They were brought in, calmed down, talked to and released.”

Williams and his daughter were held at the Hollywood police station for less than an hour and they were not arrested. Williams’ manager, Al Battle said a statement would be issued soon.

The two-part Dr. Phil episode has Williams meeting with his ex-wife, Patricia, and five of his nine children, according to a statement from the show. “In this emotional reunion, Williams talks openly with his family about the man he is today, the influences that threaten his sobriety and what his children can expect from him in the future. His children respond in a very raw and candid manner,” the statement said.

“Everyone is pulling for Ted, but his 15 minutes are going to be over and then he’ll be left to manage a life filled with temptation,” Dr. Phil said. “We’re going to try and help him prepare for that because it would be a real tragedy if he did not make the most of this extraordinary second chance.”

Since the Columbus Dispatch story and appearance on WNCI-FM Columbus’ morning duo Dave and Jimmy, he has done a TV commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, appeared on various news shows, recorded voiceover promos for cable news and was offered an announcing job with the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team.

Although he says he has been clean for more than two years, the recovering addict told CBS on Friday it has been challenging dealing with sudden fame.