Good Karma dodges a pet peeve


Craig Karmazin, not Mel, found himself on the defensive in a recent FCC proceeding for a most unusual set of chargers. According to Harmony Pet Care, Good Karma Broadcasting's WAUK-AM Waukesha WI (in the Milwaukee market) was preventing little kitties and puppies from getting accurate ultrasounds and ECGs.

The pet facility is located near WAUK's tower and was experiencing blanketing interference. Good Karma, to its credit, took the matter with utmost seriousness, and made its chief engineer available to try to diagnose and solve the problem. It turned out that the medical procedures were working just fine, but interference was affecting a "hard-wired telephone modem" used to send readings to a remote location.

Good Karma made several suggestions to solve the problem, but nevertheless found itself on the defensive from the interference situation. The FCC noted that there was nothing wrong with WAUK's transmission, and anyone situated near a properly licensed and operated tower simply must put up with whatever interference may occur to short-range cordless radiofrequency devices. It said that although Good Karma had no legal obligation to work with Harmony Pet Care, it encouraged further cooperation and provided a trouble-shooting list to that end.