Google argues for Title II


GoogleThere is a good reason for the FCC to put stronger regulation on ISPs, says Google – it will lead to faster download speeds and other benefits by opening the door to new competition – and it would be one of the eager competitors.

According to Time, Google points out that big telcos are required to make infrastructure available to competitors.

But the looser internet regulation imposes no such responsibility on big telcos when dealing with internet only providers.

That means that for many to effectively compete, they need to string their own cable, which in turn means digging up sidewalks are building out poles, a very expensive and politically difficult hurdle.

Google is arguing that putting access requirements in place would allow it and other companies into the game, bringing with them all of the benefits that competition is supposed to supply in a free market economy.

RBR-TVBR observation: It remains to be seen how much of a role wireless will play in delivering broadband.

But Google has a point when it comes to wired ISPs. The reason the vast majority of US citizens have no choice when it comes to cable providers is that it is expensive to set up a wired system, and most local governments are not going to allow an unlimited number of competitors engage in waves of construction, even if they could afford to do it.