Google’s “GDrive” to store data; eliminate PC?


The UK Guardian reports Google is to launch a service that would enable users to access their personal computer from any internet connection. But campaigners warn that it would give the online behemoth unprecedented control over individuals’ personal data.

From the story:

“The Google Drive, or "GDrive", could kill off the desktop computer, which relies on a powerful hard drive. Instead a user’s personal files and operating system could be stored on Google’s own servers and accessed via the internet.

The GDrive is expected to be launched this year, according to the technology news website TG Daily, which described it as "the most anticipated Google product so far". It is seen as a paradigm shift away from Microsoft’s Windows operating system, which runs inside most of the world’s computers, in favor of "cloud computing", where the processing and storage is done thousands of miles away in remote data centers.

The GDrive would shift the contents of a user’s hard drive to the Google servers. The PC would be a simpler, cheaper device acting as a portal to the web, perhaps via an adaptation of Google’s operating system for mobile phones, Android. Users would think of their computer as software rather than hardware.”