GOP Twists FCC’s Arm; FCC Cries Uncle


FCCIn our story yesterday, “Leading Republicans Seek FCC Freeze,” we reported that there were four agenda items for the FCC’s November 17, Open Meeting, that the GOP wanted deleted. Today comes the news that all four have in fact been removed from the agenda. They are: Mobility Fund; Roaming Obligations of Commercial Mobile Service Providers and Regulatory Classification of Voice over LTE Service; Business Data Services in an Internet Protocol Environment; Business Data Services in an Internet Protocol Environment.

The modification of the agenda represents a significant show of muscle from the Repubicans toward the FCC, and a possible insight into where things are headed when Republicans take over the House, Senate, and Whitehouse. The stocks of Commissioners O’Rielly and Pai have certainly risen, with the latter tipped to be the next Chairman of the commission.

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