Gray sets up shop in Washington


Gray-TelevisionThere is a new news bureau in Washington, and it is being set up by Jacqueline Policastro and Gray Television to provide quality reporting to stations in Gray’s geographically diverse group.

The plan is to go beyond providing content to stations in the group. The bureau will allow stations to interact with their own representatives in the federal government, as well as to give those representatives a conduit to the folks back home.

CEO Hilton Howell remarked, “All politics is local, even when it takes place in Washington, DC. The Washington News Bureau extends our commitment to serving our communities by empowering a great team of TV professionals and partners to deliver the best and most in-depth coverage of the local impacts of federal policy.”

Kevin Latek, Senior Vice President of Business Affairs, explained, “Through our Washington News Bureau, Gray’s news operations in 44 local markets are able to call upon a professional team of reporters who combine their talents and Washington contacts with personal experience working under the unique challenges and pressures of local television news operations.”

Policastro said, “It is thrilling to have the opportunity to be part of the ever growing wave of high-quality, hyper-localized news coverage that is redefining our industry. No matter where you live, what happens in Washington, DC impacts your life. Gray’s viewers across the country will now have more and better access to news and analysis on how the actions of Congress and the White House will affect them, while our elected leaders will have a new way to communicate with those they serve.”