Greater Media details Hurricane Sandy coverage


Greater Media, Inc.Here’s a storm coverage overview for Greater Media’s New Jersey, Philadelphia and Boston markets. Greater Media New Jersey:

*         Our goal is remain live and local on-air providing excellent content on all of our stations, including WDHA-FM, WMTR-AM, MAGIC 98.3FM, and 1450 WCTC-AM, as well as WRAT-FM and MAGIC 100.1 at the Jersey Shore

.       All stations are stocked with food, water, blankets and back-up power.

*         All stations are in constant contact with local emergency authorities.

*         All stations are airing emergency information as it is provided to us.

It is times like these that radio really shines.  Historically, Greater Media New Jersey has always delivered the goods to our communities when tragedy strikes.

Greater Media Philadelphia:

Our Greater Media Philadelphia stations, which include WMMR-FM, WMGK-FM, BEN-FM, and the FANATIC are here to make sure families know what is happening and keep them informed and connected up-to-the-minute.

The main benefit is having our Live and Local air line-up on air keeping people informed – we are working closely with local television station news and weather people and Metro traffic…we are also taking calls from listeners in area towns  and passing on useful information about roads and information updates.

Having a seasoned live air staff keeps people informed and that warm, familiar voice helps get them through a difficult time. As difficult as it is for us all, it is times like this when local radio shines , helping our communities -keeping everyone connected and informed.

The Greater Media Philadelphia Engineering Team, PDs and staff are ready and have prepared for outages with back-up generators ready to go.

Greater Media Boston:

All Greater Media Boston stations, including 96.9 WTKK-FM, MAGIC 106.7FM,92.9  WBOS-FM, 102.5 WKLB-FM and 105.7 WROR-FM are keeping listeners with the latest live and up-to-date news and weather information regarding Hurricane Sandy.

In addition, News Talk 96.9 and will keep listners connected with News, Talk, and Traffic and Weather every 15 minutes.

We are doing timely Facebook posts & Tweets.

This morning WTKK Talk Show Hosts Jim & Margery spoke with:

NECN’s Meteorologist Matt Noyes

*NStar Spokeswoman Caroline Pretyman

*Ron Insana – Ron reported from New Jersey and updated the potential financial impact of the storm.

*MEMA’s (Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency’s) Peter Judge *Governor Deval Patrick *National Weather Service’s Glenn Field *WCVB Meteorologist David Brown Midday Show Host Doug Meehan spoke with:

*Senator Scott Brown

*Local firefighters

*Cape preparations

*MEMA again – More shut downs.

They will continue to have additional officials on the air to keep New Englanders up-to-date with the latest breaking updates regarding the storm.

RBR-TVBR observation: Hands down, when the power goes out, radio comes to the rescue. Few people have portable DTVs receiving the standard ATSC signal. For Mobile DTV stations, The Open Mobile Video Coalition (OMVC) says there are now between 150 and 200 stations now on-the-air with Mobile DTV signals. But those sets draw down battery power much faster than radios—or previous analog battery-powered TVs. With time that will improve with more efficient technology, but for this storm, radio is going to rule.