Greater Media releases “Millennial Moms” white paper


Greater Media Charlotte has released a white paper entitled “Millennial Moms: It’s 2009, Do You Know Who Your Female Listener Is?” Prepared by Greater Media Charlotte’s Affiliate Marketing Coordinator, Angela L. Snider, the paper looks to educate industry programmers and managers with a more accurate image of today’s female listener (W 25-54). “Millennial Moms” can be downloaded for free from the website:

“We’ve always suspected that the women we program to today are vastly different from their mothers and even their older sisters,” comments Tony Garcia, Greater Media’s Director of Syndication. “This research shows that those women are more engaged, more tech savvy and more connected. Programmers and programming that speaks to these women and bonds with them is far more likely to succeed than programming that treats women like it’s still the 1980’s.”