‘GREEK’ the Kappa Taus party 40 yr. old pledge, rules are too much


THE KAPPA TAUS PARTY with a 40-year-old pledge, on all new episode of ‘GREEK’. The Hilgendorf family has moved in next door to the Kappa Tau house, and their presence is putting a damper on the KTs’ festivities.

When their rules get to be too much of an interference, Rusty and Cappie decide to “borg” Professor Tom Hilgendorf – i.e., to bring him in and make him a KT pledge.

Once inducted into the Kappa Tau world, Tom doesn’t seem to want to leave, making Cappie rethink his plan to eventually graduate. Find out if either Cappie or Tom will finally grow up.

The episode, entitled “Your Friends and Neighbors,” was directed by Michael Lange and written by Dana Greenblatt.

With Casey stressing over her personal statement for Law School, Joel encourages her to find a real connection between herself and law, but she draws a blank. When Casey turns to Katherine for help, Ashleigh worries that her friendship with Casey is changing in fundamental ways and that they’re on diverging paths.

Also, when the Omega Chis clean up after their Valentine’s Day party, they realize $500 is missing from petty cash. The brothers turn on each other over who the thief is, and when the culprit is unmasked, it’s a real blow to Calvin.


Sam Page (“Mad Men”) Guest Stars at Joel

(source: ABC Family)