Green Elects For Some Sun & Fun


After a 22-year career at Westwood OneDennis Green has opted not to slow down and retire. But, he is planning on getting a lot more sun and fun.

Green has just accepted the role of Chief Revenue Officer at Sun & Fun Media, a radio industry operation that provides stations “products and services designed to increase sales, improve ratings, and reduce expenses for 100% barter.”

It’s a newly created position for Sun & Fun, and it sees Green leading the development of new products and services for radio stations. He will manage a team of six affiliate sales professionals to grow the company’s affiliations across the U.S.

Green will continue to be based in New York.

At Westwood One, Green departed with the title of SVP/Affiliate Sales and Broadcast Operations. He has also been EVP/Affiliate Sales, and VP/Affiliate Sales for Talk Programming at WWO.

His past role also include that of VP/Broadcast Operations and Affiliate Sales for Cumulus Media Networks, and as Head of Multimedia Syndication at Bloomberg from 1998-2000.

Sun & Fun Media’s products for radio stations include vacations, gift cards, vehicle wraps, branded station merchandise, Bill Pay for NTR events, television and billboard advertising for radio stations, research, consultants, equipment, and software.

Green reports to CEO and Sun & Fun Media co-founder Rob Koblasz. He called Green “one of the most respected, experienced and trusted affiliate sales executives in the radio industry.”

Koblasz added, ‘With Dennis’ considerable expertise in radio operations and network radio sales, we will be able to offer our affiliates more and better solutions exclusively for barter than ever before. We look forward to growing Sun & Fun Media as a true one-stop shop for all their barter needs from developing creative programming solutions to optimizing our existing platform to help stations increase sales, improve ratings and reduce expenses.”