Greenville NC station high-tailing out of high UHF


An Ion Media television station precariously perched on the upper limit of the remaining television band is heading south to a safer location, if the FCC fulfills its proposal to issue a rule-making on the matter.

The station, WEPX-TV Greenville NC, is situated on Channel 51 at the moment, the highest channel left to broadcast television after it surrendered Channels 52-69 during the DTV transition.

Now, the advent of channel repacking in advance of incentive auctions has rendered a called into question the future of any station located on or between Channels 31-51.

In particular, the FCC has lifted a freeze on movement proposals for stations on this specific channel. The freeze applies stations on Channel 51 seeking to move “…pursuant to a voluntary relocation agreement with Lower 700 MHz A Block licensees.” ION’s potential deal is with King Street Wireless, L.P. and United States Cellular Corp.

ION and the FCC agree that a move to Channel 26 is a not only a workable solution, as proposed by ION it will provide service to some 100K more viewers than it does currently.

The FCC will seek comment on the proposal once it has been published in the Federal Register.