Grundy noncom going to newspaper publisher


SoldWNBV-FM, licensed to Grundy VA in unrated territory in extreme western Virginia, is being sold. The station is situated on the extreme left of the dial, not far from the steering wheel of most vehicles.

The seller is New Beginning World Outreach Inc., headed by President John C. Dash.

The buyer is Jewell Valley Railroad Inc., headed by President Earl Cole.

The price is $7,500.

WNBV-FM is not what you’d call a flamethrower – it’s a Class A on 88.1 MHz with 100 W @ 148’.

Buyer has no broadcast properties but does own and operate a newspaper. It says the station “will not encompass the entire community in which the newspaper is published, therefore meeting the FCC requirements.”

JVR listed its goals for the station, which put it squarely in the realm of religious noncommercial operations.