GSTVs Nielsen on Location Media Pocketpiece Reports hit milestone


Gas Station TV (, a Destination Media company and the leading digital television network at the pump, has reached the one-year anniversary of the release of its Nielsen on Location Media reports. These Pocketpiece reports illustrate Gas Station TV’s ongoing commitment to delivering a valuable television experience to the consumer, while maintaining standards for its ad clients.

“At a time when all media budgets are scrutinized, this one-year benchmark emphasizes Gas Station TV’s dedication to delivering the highest level of audience measurement to its advertisers, providing them supreme value for their marketing spend,” said David Leider, CEO of Gas Station TV. “We offer our advertisers and agencies the most thorough measurement program available in the industry, unmatched standards of service and proven media expertise to drive awareness, purchase consideration and sales.”

Gas Station TV’s Pocketpiece reports are presented in a format common to all Nielsen-measured networks, including traditional television networks. The reports define standard Nielsen metrics for ‘place-based’ video networks and provide analytics to support the planning, buying and post-buy evaluation of the Gas Station TV network. As the gas space remains one of the most measurable and quantifiable media environments with precise one-to-one reporting – one gas transaction equals one impression – GSTV continues to be the only gas station media network to provide this service to its advertisers.

Gas Station TV’s Pocketpieces are distributed to advertisers and agencies on a monthly basis and supply them with valuable audience measurement information, including:

  —  Gas Station TV audience size per month (Nielsen-verified monthly impressions by designated market area, or DMA)

  —  Key audience composition and demographics, including age and gender

  —  Projected average minute network ratings across several demographic groups, down to individual DMAs

  —  Quantifiable reach numbers that can be translated into television rating points (TRPs) and used in reach and frequency models