A Next-Gen Headphone for TV Production Monitoring


LOS ANGELES — A company known for its broadcast and video production audio monitoring productions has brought to market a second-generation headphone designed for monitoring dialogue on production sets.

As broadcast TV increases its own self-produced offerings, it’s a piece of technology perhaps worthy of an acquisition.

Introducing the Scene Monitor headphone from Halter Technical LLC.

The newly released Scene Monitor (HTSM2) boasts a single-sided cable, speakers that, and compatibility with all radios and listening devices with a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

Other new features include a headband that is now reinforced throughout to provide long-lasting durability. The cable is dual-shielded to prevent breakage. The upgraded earpads provide everybody on set with a luxury feel. And, the Stereo drivers are improved to equip all listeners with the fidelity and clarity that production demands.

For additional information, visit the company online at www.haltertechnical.com.