HD ads drive upgrade of SeaChange platform at DISH


DISH Network is upgrading its entire platform of SeaChange International spot ad insertion systems to meet the growing demand for high-definition ad placements across its North American footprint. SeaChange is the exclusive ad insertion technology provider for DISH Network, having delivered ads for the pay-TV provider since it originally launched its service in 1996.

DISH’s upgrade will include the introduction of SeaChange Spot 5.0 ad insertion systems to support more than 600 channels of commercial delivery.

“As DISH Network continues to expand the reach and capabilities of its advertising programs, SeaChange is playing a critical role in ensuring that the ads that are sold on the DISH Network platform are played out when and where they are supposed to,” said Sanjiv Moré, senior director, advanced advertising and VOD sales, SeaChange. “While new opportunities could mean additional complexities, SeaChange is providing the technology and business intelligence to help enable this positive growth, creating a seamless HD experience for DISH Network, its advertisers and its viewers.”