HD Digital Radio Alliance expands marketing campaign


The HD Digital Radio Alliance announced an expanded marketing campaign aimed at converting awareness into buying action. Starting today, the Alliance adds an innovative mobile marketing initiative and expanded online resources for retailers and auto dealers to the next flight of on-air radio ads.

Earlier this year, the Alliance announced it would focus on converting the significant awareness created for HD Radio broadcasts over the last three years into purchasing activity. Awareness of HD Radio broadcasts among radio listeners topped 75% in 2007, according to data from Critical Mass Media, with awareness among current or likely auto buyers now at some 31%, according to J.D. Power.  And separately today, the Alliance also revealed that traffic to HDRadio.com continues to grow exponentially, with the number of page views so far in 2008 exceeding that of 2006, the site’s first year.

The mobile marketing portion of the HD Digital Radio Alliance campaign has been created in partnership with 3Cinteractive, http://www.3cinteractive.com/. Consumers will be able to receive information on HD Radio receivers, retailers and vehicles providing HD Radio broadcasts by sending a text saying ‘UPGRADE’ to 34343. They will also have a chance to opt in to win one of 200 HD Radio receivers and receive future updates about HD Radio.

“As we convert consumer awareness into action, it was especially important to increase the breadth and depth of our marketing,” said Diane Warren, executive vice president of the HD Digital Radio Alliance. “Giving point-of-sale professionals at retailers and auto dealerships instant access to programming and device information needed to close a sale was our top priority. And by opting in, consumers now have a one-stop shop:  they can choose and get a discount on a radio, find the station in their market they like, and even get information on iTunes Tagging. We’re now reaching consumers via the radio, on their phone, online, and in stores.”

Radio ads within the new $57 million, 13-week marketing campaign will be heard in 100 markets on more than 700 stations. A full 65% of the radio ads will invite consumers to text UPGRADE to 34343 with the remainder issuing the familiar call to action to visit www.HDRadio.com.

New features and special pages on HDRadio.com includes Instant Station Guides and new, easy-to-read buyers’ guides.  Now, consumers, retail associates and auto dealers can create and print complete HD and HD2 station guides with just a keystroke. Consumers in the texting campaign will receive the station guide directly on their cell phone. With the buyer’s guide on HDRadio.com, consumers looking to upgrade a home/office or current vehicle receiver can easily sort by price or device manufacturer.

Also on HDRadio.com, site content continues to target key consumer trends, now showcasing how HD Radio broadcasts can enhance newly popular “staycation” (stay-at-home-vacation) strategies, and accommodate consumers who are looking for the right options for either their new car or their “now” car.

Other info available via cell phone within the mobile texting initiative include an iTunes Tagging tutorial, a $50 rebate on an HD Radio receiver, and the opportunity to participate in interactive polls.