HD Radio Alliance re-launches HD Radio website


Designed to enhance listeners’ interest and interaction in discovering the benefits of HD Radio broadcasting, the HD Radio Alliance has re-launched www.hdradio.com as a more consumer-focused website on 3/28. The site is designed based on feedback from member stations in combination with in-depth analytics of historical traffic from the original HD Radio website. 

The new hdradio.com promotes the wide range of new and innovative digital content radio listeners receive from HD Radio broadcasting and includes a sophisticated “Search” facility tied to prominent “Station Guide” and “Buyers Guide” offerings.

Diane Warren, President of Operations for the Alliance, said they have learned that what radio listeners want when they get to the website: programming content and format listings of HD Radio stations and HD2/HD3 Channels in their local market, what HD Radio products are available and an easy way to shop and buy them. 

In addition, several dedicated sections have been created, each based on the analytics of the original  hdradio.com site. Examples of newly designed sections include “What is HD Radio,” “Retailers”, and “Buzz”.  Site guests are offered many ways to learn about HD Radio Technology and the broadcast content that is out there today.  Direct links to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are also retained from the original site, as has the ability to directly purchase products and/or visit licensed brand’s websites via the Buyer’s Guide.  Retailers featuring HD Radio enabled products can also have their on-line stores directly link from the site.