HD Radio Receivers Expand into Motorbike Category


HD Radio, touted by parent Xperi Corp. as “the most successfully deployed commercial digital radio system worldwide,” has expanded into the motorbike category.

But, don’t expect any Harley drivers to suddenly start cranking up “97.3 The Coast HD2” while enjoying a ride down to the Florida Keys from Miami anytime soon.

The HD Radio receivers are currently available on the digital dash display of one motorbike brand — an uncommon one across the U.S.

So, who among the nation’s motorcyclists can enjoy HD Radio? The new 2022 BMW R 18 Transcontinental, the latest addition to the R 18 family, has it.

While it marks another industry first for HD Radio technology, which recently entered the commercial truck market, it also demonstrates that Xperi has a long way to go to get entry into the most commonly used motorcycles.

That said, HD Radio technology is currently available from more than 40 manufacturers across 200 passenger vehicle models and is currently in over 75 million vehicles.

“We are proud that the R 18 Transcontinental marks the first motorbike to offer HD Radio technology,” said Xperi SVP/GM for the Connected Car division, Jeff Jury. “Our entry into the motorbike category is yet another step in our mission to ensure that consumers across the globe have access to the best quality digital radio experience. We are so pleased to continue to partner with BMW, and other OEMs worldwide, as we broaden the reach of HD Radio technology.”