Here Comes Evertz’s Next-Gen UHD/3G/HD Streaming Platform


Evertz, the global leader in media and entertainment technology solutions, has rolled out its next-generation UHD/3G/HD streaming platform for contribution over IP networks.

The XPS Series is a software-defined HEVC and H.264 10-bit 4:2:2 real-time encoding/decoding platform that is ideal for live or cloud-based applications where secure, high quality and low-latency is essential.

The XPS can be used for live sports and entertainment events, where it provides reliable and cost effective contribution encoding over private IP networks.  In cases of breaking news events and Esports competitions, the XPS provides reliable and low-latency encoding over public networks using Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) or Reliable Internet Stream Transport (RIST) protocols.

“In today’s COVID-19 environment, for remote or stay-at-home operations, the XPS provides low-latency remote monitoring of broadcast facilities or as an extension to production control room environments,” the company said.

Lastly, The XPS platform can be used as the on-ramp and contribution encoder for cloud production or playout hosted by public cloud providers.

“The launch of the XPS Video Streaming Platform comes at a critical time where the Sports, Media & Entertainment industry is experiencing a dramatic change due to the pandemic,” said Evertz Senior Director of Engineering Abdullah Merei. “Now, more than ever, companies need reliable solutions that enable remote production, remote operation and live production in the cloud.”