Hey—we almost nailed it!


As TVBR realized the strike is really not going to be resolved before many careers are ruined and an industry crippled, we wrote a bit of an impassioned plea before the new year struck (12/28/07 TVBR #250):

“The two sides need to get back to the table as soon as the New Year begins and get this resolved. Our suggestion: The WGA picks two folks who they want to do business with on the AMPTP side and vice-versa. Focus on only the most important original core issues to get the contracts signed. Start with meeting each other half-way on the numbers. The other issues can be negotiated six months later, as part of the new contract wording. Get the big issues solved and get these folks back to work. We’re in danger of messing up an entire industry here and ruining hundreds and hundreds of careers. Time is now ticking more quickly than ever. So bottom line: Get new negotiators. Have them meet at a resort hotel somewhere over a long weekend out of town-i.e. The Gainey Ranch Resort in Scottsdale-and don’t forget the Blackberry chargers. Eat all meals together, negotiate the rest of the time. Go golfing there if it helps, but set a deadline-arrive Friday morning, contracts signed by 10PM Sunday. Something different…Anything.”

Well, it turns out, according to WGA blog site UnitedHollywood.com that is almost exactly where some of the AMPTP folks are going, and soon—to The Boulders Resort in Carefree, AZ (a couple miles north of Scottsdale)—but without their WGA negotiator counterparts!

Read the acerbic story here:

Hollywood Suffers, Viacom Spas

Finally, a solid and completely understandable explanation has emerged for why certain members of the AMPTP are unable to return to the negotiating table.

It turns out that next Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, the hardworking heads of all Viacom, CBS, and Paramount Entertainment Divisions will be enjoying "award-winning accommodations," "world-renowned" spa treatments," "AAA Five Diamond" gourmet dining, and round after exhilarating round of "championship quality" golf during an executive retreat at The Boulders Resort and Golden Door Spa.

Oh, and anybody wanna guess where Boulders is located?

No really, go ahead and guess. Because even if we weren’t three months into a painful strike, pounding the pavement of our picket-lines, fighting for a fair deal, struggling to make our rent and feed our families…you definitely still can’t write this kind of thing.


Carefree, Arizona.

That’s right. CAREFREE. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s a little town somewhere between Footloose and F***em.
Now, hopefully, as soon as Sumner, Les and the gang are finished luxuriating in a cucumber sea-grass body wash, using some of their Internet profits to pay for foie gras, or just telling writer jokes at the spa — they’ll find time in their busy schedules and be relaxed enough to come back to the negotiating table. All of those in the entertainment industry put out of work and hurt by the strike sure would appreciate it.

Of course, if you’d like to leave a personal message at the front desk so the staff can pass that along, beginning Sunday, January 13…..

Enjoy your stay, folks.