HFS returns to DC


It may not be the same free-form, progressive alternative format we knew pre-1996, but it’s back nonetheless…! WHFS, the legendary rock radio station, marks its return to DC on Wednesday, June 10 when it launches digitally on 94.7 HD2.  HFS will feature D.J. Cerphe, an original alumni of WHFS from the late seventies, hosting the station’s debut (12:00Noon-2:00PM, ET).

Along with a mix of current and retro alternative music, archival material will be brought back to the airwaves from the rich heritage of WHFS over the years, including live “HFS-tival performances, “Just Passing Through” live studio performances, artist interviews and special features. Live on-line and mobile streaming will be available at www.hfs2.com in the coming weeks.

Sam Rogers, SVP and Market Manager for CBS RADIO Washington, D.C., said, “I can’t say how excited I am to see WHFS return to D.C. via crystal clear digital technology.  In a way, it completes the evolution for the station and the call letters.  HD2 is changing the way we experience radio content providing listeners more choice, better quality and no monthly subscription fees.”

RBR/TVBR observation: We know we’ll be checking it out. We hope it can be what it once was and in that incarnation, play a lot of Indie Rock, obscure new wave, 70s punk and be a general musical journey that is was for so many years. The market is not looking for a cookie-cutter “Alternative” station. Here’s your palette, CBS Radio, dazzle us in DC….!!

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