Hispanic Radio Podcast: The Adult Opportunity


When most people think of radio formats of appeal to Hispanic consumers, their minds may drift to regional Mexican, or perhaps the ever-popular “trap” music and Latin Urban reggaetón-infused sounds making waves from L.A. to Miami.

There may be another big opportunity to drive growth with Latino radio listeners you’ve not yet considered. And, it may not even involve a format change.

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast from Streamline Publishing, Radio + Television Business Report Editor-in-Chief Adam Jacobson shares his experience listening to both AM and FM radio in Mexico City for an entire week.

Yes, there is the grupero-focused station and banda and norteño styles of regional Mexican music are represented. There are several News/Talk stations that are highly popular. But what struck Adam were three FM stations — one serving as a flagship to a 13-market network — that many of the people aged 35-45 he encountered tuned to.

They weren’t much different from many of the stations found across the U.S.

As such, ideas of listener growth and ad dollar augmentation flooded Adam’s mind.

Adam shares his thoughts, and how radio operators across the U.S. may simply need to change their marketing and promotional mindset — rather than a format — in order to capture the Hispanic population in their given market.

It’s all here in this 10-minute podcast.


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