Hispanic media advocate applauds Title II move


NHMC / National Hispanic Media CoalitionRecent remarks from FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler indicate that a Title II approach to regulating the internet is in store. The National Hispanic Media Coalition expressed its approval.

The organization said it has been in favor of strong internet rules for some time. It stated, “NHMC has long recognized that preserving an Open Internet is one of the foremost civil rights issues in the digital age. For Latinos and other traditionally disadvantaged Americans, the Open Internet is vital for an increasingly large array of reasons, including telling their own stories in light of a mainstream media that excludes these communities or portrays them in a stereotypical manner. Without these rules, nothing will prevent ISPs from ruining the experience of Internet users by slowing down access to their favorite websites or blocking access altogether.”

“Based on Chairman Wheeler’s remarks, the FCC seems a step closer to standing with dozens of Congressional leaders, hundreds of organizations, and millions of people that seek to protect the Open Internet as the incredible platform that it is today, particularly for Latinos and other underrepresented and underserved constituencies,” said NHMC Policy Director, Michael Scurato. “Of course, there is still much work to be done and we are still several weeks from knowing the details of this proposal, which are vitally important.”

“NHMC commends the FCC and Chairman Wheeler’s serious examination of Title II as a means to ensuring the Internet remains open,” stated NHMC Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Jessica J. González. “While Chairman Wheeler did not fully delve into which provisions of Title II might apply to broadband providers, I hope the Commission recognizes that many other important policy goals are addressed in Title II — namely, ensuring universal access and adoption of broadband, protecting consumer privacy, and providing access to those with disabilities.”