Hispanic Radio Podcast: Learning Lessons From Lotus

Lotus Communications is one of the few radio broadcasting companies that owns radio stations with Spanish-language and English-language programming. How is the company capitalizing on this? And, is there one thing that's particularly important when inking that contract with a client? Company President Jim Kalmenson shares all in this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: New Heights Through Music

How are Hispanics consuming music? Radio plays a big role — even as Latinos overindex on the use of streaming audio. In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, Nielsen VP Stacie deArmas discusses what's driving the Latin music lover in this engaging conversation with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: The Upscale Latina Opportunity

Can radio stations benefit by reaching out to a segment of the U.S. Hispanic market that is growing in both affluence and influence? Yes, says Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, founder and president of Miami-based Semilla AD. The Uruguay-born multicultural marketing veteran specializes in upscale Latinos, and in this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, she tells Adam R Jacobson why the upscale Latina is very worthy of radio's attention.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: The Ad Agency Take On AM and FM

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast from Streamline Publishing's Radio + Television Business Report and Radio Ink, multicultural advertising expert Liz Castells, President of Infusion by Castells, explains why radio remains a vital part of the mix for her clients and others actively seeking to build sales and achieve long-term revenue growth.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: ‘Nuestra Gente’ Brings In-Language Choice

Here's a learning lesson from an LPFM in the Midwest, as RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson discusses the launch of a Spanish-language radio operation once the stuff of dreams. Led by Venezuelan immigrant and journalist Linda Parra, this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast from Radio Ink and the Radio + Television Business Report puts the focus on the first in-language voice for Latinos in Toledo, Ohio.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Golden State Success In A Small Market

Despite a much smaller total audience in Barstow, mainly known as a pit stop on drives from Southern California to Las Vegas, "El Portal" has proven to be a hit with advertisers and with consumers who continue to support a station providing them with something local. Could one of your underperforming radio stations see similar success by making a move that mimics what station owner Dos Costas Communications did in 2006? Find out in the latest Hispanic Radio Podcast from Radio + Television Business Report.

Do Marketers Actively Engage With Hispanic Radio?

Are the marketers and advertisers that the Executive Director of the Culture Marketing Council (CMC) speaks to every day aware of the power of Hispanic radio? Are they actively using Spanish-language radio stations to reach an important consumer segment? Those are two of the key questions posed to Horacio Gavilán by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson in this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast.

The Hispanic Radio Podcast: Is Sports A Home Run For You?

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast from Streamline Publishing, Skyview Networks National Hispanic Audio Sales Manager Blanche Joesten talks with RBR+TVBR's Editor-in-Chief about the potential to bring in more revenue while building a brand-new connection to an underserved — and very passionate — audience. How can your radio station tap into this fervent fan passion? The answer could come in just seven minutes.

The Hispanic Radio Podcast: Long Island Latinos Bring Sales Success

The East End of Long Island is known by many as a weekend and summer playground for affluent New Yorkers who enjoy such locales as Montauk and The Hamptons. But, did you know that Suffolk County, N.Y., is also a hotbed of Hispanic market growth? In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson learns from Ana Maria Caraballo, Promotions Director for JVC Broadcasting, how her company jumped in to serve an important segment of the population with no local voice.

The Hispanic Radio Podcast: How To Succeed In A Small Market

If you're in the smallest of Nielsen Audio-rated markets, or in a city where there are no ratings, attracting listeners — and advertising — has its challenges. But, what if you're serving a unique audience you can "own"? Spanish-language radio stations have emerged in that role, and in the first of a regular series of podcasts designed to educate and inform the media industry on the power of Hispanic radio, RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson takes seven minutes to learn how Tomás Martinez, owner and CEO of Solmart Media, has developed a cluster of stations in a rural portion of Southwest Florida by targeting Latinos with no other local media choices.

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