Hispanic Radio Podcast: Regional Mexican’s Leading Role

Are marketers and advertisers still gun-shy about placing a media buy with a regional Mexican station, given the "sexiness" of reggaetón and "trap" artists and the global pop stars more universally known by CMOs and brand managers? Not in California.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: United, Euphoric Growth

Those who still believe Univision Communications isn't committed to radio may wish to squelch such talk. With the unification of the company's music and audio properties under its Uforia brand, Univision Radio has made an emphatic statement that it is in it to win it.
Entravision Communications Corporation

Entravision’s Online ‘Corazon’: AMs, FMs Now On iHeart

As Radio.com is reborn with such outside partners as CNN, Bloomberg, Bonneville and Cox Media Group, iHeartRadio has just bolstered its Spanish-language content offerings by inking a streaming deal with one of the biggest U.S. companies serving Hispanic consumers.

Hispanic Radio Conference Early Bird Pricing Ends Tuesday

Still on the fence about securing your seat at the most educational and informative Spring Break excursion to South Florida you'll ever have? Time's nearly up. Early Bird pricing for the 10th Hispanic Radio Conference ends Tuesday, March 5.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Why One Latina Listens

With the 10th Hispanic Radio Conference just two weeks away, what better way for marketers and stations owners to understand the power of Spanish-language radio is there than to speak with an actual listener? RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson did this in Weston, Fla., and here's what he found.

Leveling the Playing Field For Multicultural Radio

In February 2018, the Media Leadership Council (MLC) of the 4A’s issued a Fair Play Charter to its members as guidance and agreement to fair and equitable treatment for owners of minority-owned and -targeted media. How has the charter impacted the radio industry since its implementation? Find out in two weeks.

How Can Radio Blossom With ‘Local Direct’ Growth?

Spanish-language radio stations can certainly attract listeners. But, what about advertisers? Paul Weyland has some great ideas on how to increase the number of appointments your AEs and sales pros can snag with local decisionmakers -- and close the deal the GM has been dreaming of. Hear what he has to say in the latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, hosted by RBR+TVBR's Editor-in-Chief.

Take It To The Bank: A Conference Focused On Revenue Growth

Whether or not you work in, manage, or own Hispanic radio stations, there is a conference you can count on to deliver more top-line revenue and bottom-line cash flow to your station this year and beyond. Click here to secure your spot in Miami on March 12-13.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Monetizing Radio’s Digital Platforms

Attracting local advertisers to traditional media is harder than ever, thanks to the growth of digital media solutions. How can radio stations, in particular those targeting Hispanic consumers, win over some of those advertisers with its own digital offerings? That's exactly what Armando Guerrero, of digital ad agency Ntooitive, discusses in this all-new Hispanic Radio Podcast with host Adam R Jacobson.

Radio’s Reg Challenges, Up Close At Hispanic Radio Conference

Radio station owners and cluster GMs often find themselves navigating a host of never-ending regulatory challenges and legislative changes. One of the most anticipated sessions at the Hispanic Radio Conference every year is the legal and regulatory session. Returning as moderator is Frank Montero.

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