Hispanic Radio Podcast: New Access To In-Language Voices

What's stopping a radio station owner from taking the plunge and switching an underperforming AM or FM to Spanish-language programming? Talent is one big concern. How does one get great voices that can resonate with Latino audiences? This Hispanic Radio Podcast could yield the answer.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: ‘Mega’ Success In Cradle of Liberty

"Mega Nation" is a sales and ratings success. The radio network serving the Philadelphia DMA also recently went viral thanks to its Spanish-language play-by-play of a historic Philadelphia Eagles win. What can you learn from what's going on in the Delaware Valley? This podcast could give you some great ideas.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: How To Capitalize On Tech’s Hot Hits

Media consumption trends show U.S. Hispanics are first adopters when it comes to hot new tech. How can broadcasters that wish to target these consumers best invest in the tech tools and advancements that will help leverage their brands, and extend them in ways that will ensure continued relevancy in the years ahead? That's the topic of conversation in this fresh Hispanic Radio Podcast.

A Lazer Target On Regional Mexican Listeners

To learn why Lazer Broadcasting is bringing its take on regional Mexican programming to the nation, and how both Envision and SuiteRadio are involved, Josh Mednick sat down with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson in this lively and informative Hispanic Radio Podcast.
Emmis Communications

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Emmis’ Double Play

Emmis Communications is mainly known for English-language stations. Yet, it is shining in Texas' state capital with two FMs offering Spanish-language programming. Against formidable competitors, it's winning. This podcast delivers insights that could fit your market opportunity.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Fuller Opportunities

In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson chats with Full Power Radio founder John Fuller about how his company has grown thanks to stations offering two distinct two English-language formats and the Latin pop-fueled "Bomba Radio."

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Badger State Success

Why did John Torres take the leap to investing in radio in a challenging Midwestern market? What can other broadcasters, or those seeking to enter radio station ownership, glean from Torres' experience? The answers are found in this latest 15-minute podcast hosted by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Tackling ‘No Hispanic’ Dictates

Many radio industry C-Suiters thought "fair play" wouldn't be an issue in 2018. But, it is -- as was seen in February with the issuance of a charter on that very subject to 4 A's members. What's the best path forward to bring fair and equitable treatment of minority media owners, some 20 years after "No Urban Dictates" came to light at Katz Radio Group? Two university professors with a media buying background discuss research they've conducted on how marketers are undervaluing the multicultural consumer.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: A Case For Change

If your company's employee roster doesn't reflect the multicultural audience it seeks, does it truly understand that audience, respect it, and want it? That's the subject of the latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, in which RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson tackles "The Case For Change" -- and how it could lead your company to not only change the format of a struggling radio station to one of interest to Latinos, but also lead your company to fully embrace the "new American mainstream."

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Selling The Talk Factor

Strong programming is certainly a factor in the rise to No. 1 of a Spanish News/Talk station in Miami. But, what has this meant for its sales opportunity? What could other radio operators eyeing Spanish-language talk programming learn? These questions and more are discussed in this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, featuring WURN-AM "Actualidad Radio" LSM Annabelle Urrea-Guzman.

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