History Channel wraps NYC train for “Cities of the Underworld”


To support the third season of the series, Cities of the Underworld, History Channel will be the first to execute a full ad wrap of the exterior and interior of a New York City subway, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) 42nd Street Shuttle. The subway promotion runs through October 29th on the 42nd Street Shuttle’s number three line, with three cars fully wrapped, inside and out. The shuttle travels back and forth between Grand Central Station and Times Square, and also connects commuters heading to The Port Authority and Penn Station.

Exterior subway stripes –advertising that will extend across the full length of the train exterior, breaking only for the doors– will run on 200 cars of the MTA subway lines 1, 3, 4 and 7, during the same time period,
further enhancing the wrapped shuttle campaign. The Cities of the Underworld exterior subway stripes will also be a first-to-market promotion in New York City, with four total stripes between each door and on both sides of the car. While other entities have executed advertising stripes on the 42nd Street Shuttle trains, this is a first for the 1, 3, 4 and 7 subway lines.

History worked with Crew Creative, a full service design agency, to brand the exterior and interior of the 42nd Street Shuttle, transporting the rider into a fascinating underground realm. The experience begins with the outside of the train, which is designed as a city street with manhole covers that the rider enters when the subway doors open. Once inside, the rider is in an underground scene made of brick, stone and metal, with Don
Wildman, host of Cities of the Underworld appearing at each end of the train. The roof of the train shows the underside of three manholes, through which we see Don looking down into the underground city, and the buildings and the sky of the world above.

"Opportunities like this exciting promotion for Cities of the Underworld help us to create a captivating experience and convey to consumers the immersive look and feel of this television series," said Chris Moseley, SVP/Marketing, for History. "We asked Horizon Media to partner with us on creative ways to engage commuters with this unique series and to feel the underworld right in the heart of New York City."

CBS Outdoor, the exclusive media managing agency for the MTA, and History media agency, Horizon Media, worked in conjunction to bring the Cities of the Underworld 42nd Street Shuttle wrap to fruition.