Home Improvement, Improved By Spot Radio


With summer days on the wane and kids already back to school in many places of the U.S., redecorating, renovating and refurbishing may be on the minds of some home owners.

For the nation’s two biggest home improvement specialists, late August may very well mark the start of not only classes for the children, but perhaps a project for the parents designed to make their home a little bit better.

As seen in the latest Spot Ten Radio report from Media Monitors, both Lowe’s and The Home Depot significantly increased their respective number of commercials airing on the stations tracked by the iHeartMedia-owned service.

While The Home Depot is an undisputed leader, along with GEICO, at radio, it is Lowe’s that is in the lead in the latest report, thanks to some 46,640 spot plays.

This compares to 33,907 spot plays for The Home Depot.

Speaking of GEICO, it is the No. 1 paid advertiser at radio (iHeartRadio spots are not included by RBR+TVBR as many air exclusively on iHeart-owned stations and are therefore not considered external commercials).

And, Indeed — the job search site — is also strong for the week ending August 25.