Hot 104.5 debuts in San Antonio


Hot-104_5Clear Channel Media and Entertainment San Antonio debuted “Hot 104.5, Today’s Rhythm and All the Best Throwbacks” on 8/8. It replaces Classic Rock KZEP-FM, which moved to K227BH 93.3, replacing the Classic Country rebroadcast of KRPT-FM in that market.

Hot 104.5 kicked off with 10,000 songs commercial free, featuring artists like Drake, Iggy Azalea, 2Pac, Aaliyah, Notorious BIG, Dr. Dre, Eminem and more. The new station’s programming lineup will be announced soon.

“We’re excited to introduce Hot 104.5 to our San Antonio listeners and provide them with another great music option on the radio,” said Marlene Trevino, Market President, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment San Antonio.



  1. The music format this station has switched to really sucks! I am a very disappointed listener. What a rude awakening. I cant believe a rock station was moved to a weak simulcast station. Needless to say 104.5 has been deleted from my play list.

  2. Love love love the new station,different varity of music is good love the throw back that’s key right there,hope it last and takes the beat same ole line up out

  3. This sucks. I can not get the new KZEP on my car radio. it is such a weak station, my radio doesn’t pick it up. 🙁

  4. I see that the format that was on the main channel is still on the second digital channel (HD-2). If you have a digital radio (“HD Radio”) then you can still get the signal on the same station. 93.3 (K227BH) just relays the signal from 104.5 digital channel two.

  5. I am digging this, listening at work, in my truck and on my motorcycle. Throwbacks mixed with new…Thank you…My fav

  6. Been out of town for a couple of weeks. Tuned in to 104.5 to get my dose of KZEP when I got back… what hit my ears was kinda like poking a fork in my eye. You moved a great station – and a San Antonio institution – to a frequency that is more static than radio.

    Terrible move. Thank God for X106.7

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!!! About time! This station is the best of the best… I love my commute now…the longer the better! I can’t wait for lunch and my ride home…so I can listen to 104.5! I found out about this station as I was dancing through the aisles of my favorite beauty store and I was like….THIS CAN’T BE THE RADIO!!!! Thank you is all I can say. I hope to get the word around town. I know the regular listeners to this station before the change are disappointed….but come on I only had a decent at best station to listen to before…one …. there are tons of country rock stations…pick one! Thank you oh so very much for making my day!

  8. I’ve been wanting for this!!! I had to resort to talk radio news because I couldn’t stand the other option! Other cities have more stations of this kind; smaller cities even had better radio stations than San Antonio! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

  9. Love love love!!!!! Feels like I’m in Houston or Dallas while listening to this station. It’s about time SA gets a station with a mix of throw backs. With hopefully they can bring Tom Joyner, Rickey Smiley or The Steve Harvey Morning Show. I know a lot of SA we’re disappointed when they took Tom Joyner off some years ago. Thumbs up to our new radio station.;)

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