House Panel to Take Up Auction


GavelThe Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, under the gavel of Greg Walden (R-OR), is holding a hearing Thursday 3/26/15 entitled “Next Steps for Spectrum Policy.”

We know of more than a few people who might have a suggestion or two on the next steps, but in this case, the only people talking will be in the employ of the FCC.

The meeting kicks off at 10:15 AM eastern.

A background memo was issued by the subcommittee, and it is extremely background, and is not a source of any new information nor any insight into any intentions for the hearing which may be harbored by its organizers.

Here is the witness list:
* Gary Epstein, Chair, Incentive Auction Task Force,
* Julius Knapp, Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology
* John Liebovitz, Deputy Bureau Chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
* Roger Sherman, Chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau