Houston: Patrick going from renter to owner


KSEV-AM talk show host and Texas State Senator Dan Patrick has been running the station he talks on since 2001. Now he has a contract to buy it from licensee Liberman Broadcasting Inc.

The value of the deal for KSEV, which is licensed to Tomball TX, is $6.5M cash. The station runs a format of mostly conservative talk, with Patrick holding down an afternoon shift.

Patrick already owns KVCE-AM Highland Park TX, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Patrick, who has worked in both television and radio, was elected to the Texas State Senate in 2006 as a Republican. His opponent in the general election, Michael Kubosh, not only allowed him an equal time waiver to remain get back on the air much earlier than otherwise would have been possible, he went so far as to invest in Patrick’s acquisition of KVCE. Patrick defeated his opponent and business partner with 69% of the 7th District vote.