How A Former Radio Host Is Building A Podcasting Empire


Drew Lane is living proof that if you develop a radio audience, if you’re willing to invest in yourself, and if you work hard, YOU CAN MAKE REAL MONEY PODCASTING.

How so?

After stops in Roanoke, Va.; Phoenix; Charlotte; and Boston, Lane made Detroit his home, working at legendary Rocker WRIF-FM from 1991 through 2013 and then crosstown “Sports Radio 105.1” until 2015. Teamed up with Mike Clark, The Drew and Mike Show was wildly popular in the Motor City and a ratings bonanza for the former Greater Media.

On October 17, 2015, the radio pink slip arrived.

Faced with the decision of choosing between a so-so radio offer and launching a Drew & Mike Podcast, Lane took the risk, invested $35,000 in professional-grade equipment, and launched the weekday three-hour podcast on May 4, 2016.

After a few months, Lane set up a donation tab on the podcast’s website; more than $75,000 flowed in over two weeks. Then, the advertisers came knocking.

Today, The Drew & Mike Podcast (which retains the name even as Lane’s co-host died in October 2018) is generating enough revenue to pay four full-time staffers, including Lane himself. In fact, he earned enough money to launch the Red Shovel Network and bring in other shows.

Combined, the shows on The Red Shovel Network generate 3 million downloads every month.

On Wednesday, July 14, Lane joins the “How to Make Real Money Podcasting” virtual symposium to reveal all of his secrets.

Want to hear more about what Lane has to say?

That’s just part of the three-day How to Make Real Money Podcasting virtual event, scheduled from 11am-2pm Eastern from July 13-15.


A 30-day replay is included with your registration so you can watch at your convenience — again and again!


  1. Drew Lane is a really good guy and we want people like this to succeed. He was always nice to me, when we talked. I haven’t had a chance to listen to him, but, flat out, the guy is talented and probably the only one that would cause me to want to listen to a podcast…. I wonder if he still does his “Harris Polls”…

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