How Much TV Tune-In Lift Is Thanks To Google Ads?


How much impact does advertising across the Google Marketing Platform have on TV tune-in?

That’s a question broadcasters, networks and media companies can now answer just a bit better, thanks to a new integration implemented by Samba TV.

According to Samba TV, the integration allows TV programmers for the first time to attribute tune-ins driven by ads on YouTube, or any digital media served through Google Campaign Manager and Display & Video 360 within the Google Marketing Platform.

This, Samba TV adds, enables quicker optimization of media buys based on its insights, which can help improve ROI of tune-in campaigns.

The turnkey solution is now available to all tune-in marketers using the Google Marketing Platform.

“The integration between Samba and Google Campaign Manager has provided Turner an ability to validate media investment across the Google ecosystem,” said Marie Hughes, SVP of Strategic Media Planning for Turner Media Group. “Having a clear view of measurement against such a critical performance indicator like tune-in conversion has been a game changer for our brands, as it allows Turner to refine our media tactics and make strategic pivots into our best-performing audiences.”

During a 12-month beta period, Samba TV enabled programmers to attribute tune-in events across 40 campaigns for 14 clients using Campaign Manager.

In one case study, a major TV network leveraged the integration to gather insights on campaign performance and establish frequency benchmarks in Campaign Manager. The insights showed that the cost per tune-in for YouTube Masthead ads was 20% lower than the campaign average; additionally, tune-in rate increased by 40% when adhering to the frequency benchmarks.

Samba TV’s methodology links cross-screen ad exposure to the industry’s largest and most-representative multi-source TV dataset, sourced from nearly 20 million opt-in smart TV households worldwide, to help programmers measure the impact of their media and optimize tune-in campaign performance with a privacy compliant solution.

Television programmers choose to work with Samba TV so they can measure their tune-in campaigns across all screens and formats, including YouTube ads. The Samba TV integration with Google Marketing Platform provides full visibility into which components of tune-in media strategies, cross-screen tactics, and creative messaging are driving TV viewership.

“To partner with Google, the driving innovator behind so many pillars of today’s advertising ecosystem, makes perfect sense,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder of Samba TV. “Thousands of advertisers and publishers utilize Samba data to quantify and amplify business outcomes, and our integration with Google platforms make our conversion analytics more accessible and actionable than ever before.”