How Nesting Millennials Are Heavy Radio Users


NielsenMillennials are not all alike.

Radio needs to know that so owners can target ads to these listeners and potential listeners.

Nielsen says in its fourth quarter Total Audience Report just out that within the 18-34 demographic, consumers are in a state of rapid transition.

More than 95% of 18-year olds live in someone else’s home, primarily with parent or parents. Conversely, 90% of 34-year olds live in their own home and 60% of this particular age demo do so with children.

On their own millennials are also more likely than any other millennial group to have multimedia devices, broadband internet and laptop PCs. Starting a family millennials, however, are more likely to own DVRs (47%), DVD players (69%) and tablets (65%), the latter perhaps predicated on the presence of children in the home rather than income level.

Millennials who are starting a family have greater multichannel penetration than the on their own group (79% vs 72%) and otherwise are more likely to have a working antenna (14% vs 12%). They also spend the most time at home of the three life stage groups.

Radio reaches 90% of millennials who are dependent adults and 89% of millennials who are on their own. But that number rises to 92% among millennials who are starting a family. This group contains a higher percentage of Hispanics, who tend to be heavy users of radio.