How Radio Is Helping Local Eateries Through The COVID-19 Pandemic


DELRAY BEACH, FLA. — Morgan’s Country Kitchen is a popular breakfast and lunch spot in an area of Palm Beach County, Fla., known more for its warehouses than its beaches or nearby polo grounds.

Just minutes from a popular concert venue in Royal Palm Beach, Morgan’s business was decimated due to the novel coronavirus.

A Hubbard Radio Country station helped save it.

The daughter of the restaurant’s owners called WIRK-FM “New Country 103.1” morning hosts Tim Leary and Chelsea Taylor, asking them if it was permissible to tell listeners that Morgan’s was still open for business.

“It’s me, my mom and my sister, and we’re just trying to keep our doors open so our employees have jobs to come back to,” the woman, Amanda, told WIRK listeners.

Takeout and delivery options were shared with listeners.

“It’s really hard watching my mom struggle with this,” Amanda continued, saying through tears that her mother on March 2 paid her restaurant off after 15 years and did not want to see it go under. Amanda guessed that there was a week left in business, and payroll for staff was nearly impossible.

One day later, Patty, Amanda’s daughter and the restaurant owner, called in to WIRK to share what happened.

Speaking with emotion, she said to the hosts, “I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing for everyone. We were so busy yesterday thanks to you. I made more money yesterday that I would have whether I was open or not. I’m so thankful.”

Leary humbly replied, “It’s our pleasure, and something small that we can do because we need everybody to support everybody else.”

Taylor also expressed her happiness in helping to save a local business.