How to Avoid a Promotion


No!You are an asset to your company in any number of ways – a positive force contributing to the company’s ultimate success. And yet, when it’s time to fill an opening one level up on the staff chart, you are consistently passed over for someone else. CareerBuilder may have some clues for you.

The employment service provided a checklist that may prove invaluable for broadcast and other professionals who are suffering from a career path blockage.

Here’s a list of items that may be standing in your way:

Attitudes Toward Appearance
* Provocative attire: 44 percent
* Wrinkled clothes or shabby appearance: 43 percent
* Piercings outside of traditional ear piercings: 32 percent
* Attire that is too casual for the workplace: 27 percent
* Visible tattoos: 27 percent
* An unprofessional or ostentatious haircut: 25 percent
* Unprofessional or ostentatious facial hair: 24 percent
* Bad breath: 23 percent
* Heavy perfume or cologne: 21 percent
* Too much makeup: 15 percent

Behavioral Blockades
* Having a negative or pessimistic attitude: 62 percent
* Regularly showing up to work late: 62 percent
* Using vulgar language: 51 percent
* Regularly leaving work early: 49 percent
* Taking too many sick days: 49 percent
* Gossiping: 44 percent
* Spending office time on personal social media accounts: 39 percent
* Neglecting to clean up after himself/herself: 36 percent
* Always initiating non-work-related conversations with co-workers: 27 percent
* Taking personal calls at work: 24 percent
* Taking smoke breaks: 19 percent

“In addition to on-the-job accomplishments, employers also take attitude, behavior and appearance into consideration when deciding who deserves to move up in the ranks,” said Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer at CareerBuilder. “While your work performance may be strong, if you’re not presenting yourself in a professional manner, it may be preventing your superiors from taking you seriously.”