How to Make a Living Podcasting

Streamline Publishing’s Radio Ink and Podcast Business Journal this July are taking you to Podcasting School.

The first person anyone who is serious about making money podcasting calls is Podcasting Hall of Famer Dave Jackson. He created The School of Podcasting.

Jackson began podcasting in 2005, and his weekly School of Podcasting show now has over 2.8 million downloads.

He’s helped thousands of aspiring podcasters plan, launch, and grow their podcasts. If you’re serious about podcasting, you’ve either spent time with Jackson, taken his courses, or packed a room to see him speak.

Jackson is also the author of Profit from Your Podcast: Proven Strategies to Turn Listeners into a Livelihood. In July, during our three-day virtual podcast conference, Jackson is going to tell you how to turn listeners into a livelihood.

On Wednesday, July 14 Dave Jackson joins our virtual podcasting conference, How to Make Real Money Podcasting, where he’ll tell us everything he knows about how YOU can make REAL money podcasting.


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