Howie Carr goes back to WRKO


After being blocked in court from jumping to Greater Media’s WTKK-FM Boston, Howie Carr is going back to where he came from. Entercom announced that Carr will return to afternoon drive on WRKO-AM today, Friday.

"I said I’d be back on the air before Imus and now I am!" Carr said in a statement put out by WRKO, trying to put a positive spin on the outcome.
"We are thrilled that Howie is back on WRKO. Howie is a one-of-a-kind talent, and I’m sure all of Howie’s listeners are looking forward to hearing him on our air again," said Entercom New England Vice President and Market Manager Julie Kahn.

Greater Media’s statement seemed to hold out hope that Carr will eventually be able to make the station switch. "We are disappointed that Howie Carr will not be able to join WTKK at this time, but we fully support him in his decision to return to work at WRKO. While we strongly disagree with Judge Van Gestel’s decisions, which forced Howie to choose between working for WRKO or being unemployed for five years, we have always said that we would abide by the ruling of the court.  To pursue what would likely have been a very long appeal with an uncertain outcome would have been counter-productive for Howie and his loyal listeners.  Howie also has his family to think about; anyone in his position would make the same decision.  It is time to move forward. We wish him all the best," Greater Media said.

RBR/TVBR observation:  Classic case where the only winners were the lawyers.