Is Your Sales Story Stifled By Numbers?


money-financeBuyers always want to know all about you and your stations. This often occurs before your first meeting. They demand — and receive — your ratings, your demographics, and your digital analytics. With so many platforms reporting information about your stations, do the numbers that define your station add up? Are advertisers able to see the real story behind the many different metrics?

Whoever counts and describes your listeners, and how they do it, determines the value of your programming and audience. Are you winning — or losing — on your rating and share or on your page numbers? At the 2017 Hispanic Radio Conference, top experts from measurement, research, and programming will meet to discuss how the system works for and against you, and how you can turn it to your advantage.

What can you do if your results don’t agree with the numbers or analytics?

Does Hispanic radio face a disadvantage with measurements that rely on self-reporting participation?

The “Playing the Ratings Game to Win: Issues and Opportunities” panel will address the tough questions you and your buyers have with today’s information overload. Your bottom line could be counting on it.

Jose Villafañe is President/National Sales for Entravision Communications, where he oversees national sales for spot radio, television, network syndication and events. He is a 20-year broadcast media veteran and has worked in both national and local management sales for both radio and television. He has previously worked at Univision, Radio Unica and Katz Media Group.



Richard Harker is senior partner at Harker Research. He began his radio career in 1970, working part-time for an “underground” FM station while attending the University of Oregon. He spent the next 13 years working at legitimate radio stations owned by such groups as RKO General, Metromedia, Atlantic Ventures, and King Broadcasting, gradually working his way through the ranks to the role of FM. Harker made the transition to radio market research and consulting in 1983, first serving as vice president for Coleman Research, then forming his own company in 1990. Harker Research now provides a wide range of research services to media outlets throughout North America, South America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Rich Tunkel is VP/Sales Director for Nielsen Audio, where he specializes in multicultural media research and is responsible for Nielsen’s corporate relationship with the largest Spanish broadcasters in the country. Tunkel also manages Nielsen’s radio station sales and service professionals in the Northeastern U.S. He earlier served at Arbitron as the key liaison with television and cable networks during the first U.S.-based test of the Portable People Meter. Tunkel also oversaw sales for Arbitron’s online radio ratings service and was previously vice president of radio sales at Scarborough Research.


Jammin’ Johnny Caride is program supervisor for SBS’s Miami cluster and serves as Program Director of WXDJ-FM”El Zol 106.7″ in Miami. A Miami native of Cuban parents, he began his radio career in 1986 as a music mixer and radio host. After many successful years on the air, he was offered an opportunity to join SBS as a promotions director, expanding his career in radio and becoming an expert in his new role. But his love for the microphone and one-on-one connection with the audience brought him back to the airwaves as on-air talent for El Zol. His high-energy style and commitment to the listeners is his secret for success.


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