Gordon Smith To Moderate Hispanic Radio Conference Executive Session


Hispanic radio’s leaders have always been a dynamic and creative group of strategists and innovators. What’s on their minds in a new decade with a most interesting start? Where do they see Hispanic radio platforms growing, expanding, and primed for the biggest revenue opportunities?

These are just some of the questions up for discussion in the concluding Hispanic Radio Conference LIVE online session, scheduled for Thursday (10/29) at 11:30am Eastern.

The centerpiece of Thursday’s agenda is the Hispanic Radio Executive Leadership Roundtable, and this year’s conference will see NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith serve as the moderator.

This year’s panelists are:

Jesus Lara

President, Univision Radio

Otto Padron

President/CEO, Meruelo Media

Albert Rodriguez

COO, Spanish Broadcasting System


The Executive Leadership Roundtable, sponsored by HRN Media Network, a Gen Media Partners company, precedes a session from Nielsen Audio SVP/Business Development Rich Tunkel on podcasting buying power in the U.S. Hispanic market.

The 2020 Hispanic Radio Conference concludes with the presentation of the Medallas de Cortez Awards, presented by vCreative.


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