Hutchison opens fire with radio


The Texas gubernatorial shoot-out will be ratcheted up as challenger Kay Bailey Hutchison fires up a state-wide radio flight in her campaign to oust incumbent Rick Perry from office. The radio campaign is expected to run through the remainder of November.

The radio campaign is accompanied by a robocall campaign in which Hutchison explains her decision to remain in the Senate during the gubernatorial primary. She said that her experience is needed in Washington now to oppose the Democratic health care initiatives.

The Dallas Morning News notes that both campaigns are expected to advertise heavily as the contest progresses, with television eventually eating up much of their budgets.

RBR-TVBR observation: Radio offers a relatively inexpensive avenue to voters, and it’s allowing Hutchison to start building momentum in an efficient, sustained manner. Add in the ability to create audio content with lightning speed and it becomes a valuable quick-strike tool in a campaign’s media arsenal.