Hyundai aired most effective ad of the Oscars


Ace Metrix, television and video analytics provider, has revealed the most effective ads of the Academy Awards, a list led by Korean automaker Hyundai for its Super Bowl “Stuck” ad (Ace Score of 611). Hyundai ran seven ads in total following their big Super Bowl splash, breaking five new ads for the Oscars, none of which achieved the same success of older ads like “Stuck” and “People Running Out of Batteries” (Ace Score 547). Overall, ads during 2013 failed to impress consumers like the 2012 event, an Oscars dominated by technology brands and led by Samsung who this year aired six pieces of its “Unicorn Apocalypse” campaign, the highest scoring of which (“The Launch”: Ace Score 541) failed to break into the Top 10.

“Hyundai’s aggressive moves so far in 2013 make it one to watch this year, and the battle between Samsung and Apple, which was so hot in 2012, seems to have waned in the new year,” said Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “Only three of the top 10 ads this Oscars were new ads produced expressly for the awards show—interesting because 23 of the 40 ads aired during the Oscars were new, indicating that many advertisers won by using some of their ‘tried and true’ material to make a splash in this important advertising event.”

McDonald’s “Luck Has It” ad was the most effective new ad to air during the Oscars (Ace Score 581) followed closely by JCPenney’s new “Dear America” ad (Ace Score 573). The rest of JCPenney’s new ads for the Oscars drew lower scores (Average Ace Score for the four ads: 474) than its 2012 campaign featuring Ellen DeGeneres (2012 Average Ace Score for JCPenney: 580). In addition, Grey Poupon’s new ad (“An Action Story”) also broke into the top 10 with an Ace Score of 549. “Bailey’s Pour Spectacular” earned a place on the top 10 list with an Ace Score of 552, but debuted a day earlier.

Sprint’s “Unlimited Life” ad was the second most effective ad of the Oscars (Ace Score 603). The ad, which originally broke in September 2012, is the second most effective telecomm ad in the last 12 months.

Coca-Cola aired four ads during this Oscars. Its “Be OK” ad (Ace Score 592), which originally broke in January, was the most successful of the four and the 3rd most effective ad of the Oscars, followed by its 2012 Oscars re-run “Hollywood” (Ace Score 533). The “Sneak Peak” Diet Coke US debut on Oscars night failed to wow audiences with an Ace Score of 525.

Coldwell Banker’s “We Believe” ad, which originally broke in February, squeezed into the Top 10 with an Ace Score of 551 and MetLife’s Charlie Brown and Lucy classic, which also ran in the Oscars in 2012, rounds out the list with an Ace Score of 542.