Idol beats The Voice


FOXFOX’s week was propelled by the return of AMERICAN IDOL which delivered the highest-rated night of the season with entertainment programming and out-delivered all other unscripted shows of the season.  In addition, the first two nights of AMERICAN IDOL outperformed the first two nights of The Voice by +41% in Adults 18-49 and +43% in Total Viewers. BONES posted its highest total viewers of the season and the series finale of FRINGE delivered the series’ highest total viewers in over a year.  For the week, FOX ranked No. 1 among Teens (tied) and No. 2 among Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34.

For the week, FOX had:

2 of the Top 20 programs among Adults 18-49:  AMERICAN IDOL- WED (No. 2) and AMERICAN IDOL- THU (No. 3).

·         7 of the Top 20 programs among Adults 18-34:  AMERICAN IDOL- WED (No. 2 tie), AMERICAN IDOL- THU (No. 2 tie), NEW GIRL (No. 12 tie), THE SIMPSONS ENCORE (No. 15 tie), FAMILY GUY ENCORE (No. 17 tie), BONES SP-1/14 (No. 17 tie) and BONES (No. 17 tie).

·         6 of the Top 20 programs among Teens: AMERICAN IDOL- WED (No. 2), AMERICAN IDOL- THU (No. 3), FAMILY GUY ENCORE (No. 13 tie), THE SIMPSONS ENCORE (No. 17 tie), BOB’S BURGERS (No. 17 tie) and AMERICAN DAD ENCORE (No. 17 tie).

·         2 of the Top 20 programs among Total Viewers: AMERICAN IDOL- WED (No. 3) and AMERICAN IDOL- THU (No. 5).