In A Sea Of Red, One Radio Company Climbs On Friday


The last Friday of the first quarter of 2021 wasn’t a pretty one for media issues on Wall Street. That said, one radio broadcasting company is swimming against the red tide. On Friday, its shares were on the rise.

That company isĀ Beasley Media Group.

Trading under its Beasley Broadcast Group name, with the ticker symbol of “BBGI,” the owner of radio stations that has invested in eSports — and a Houston Overwatch League franchise — enjoyed a 4-cent gain to $2.89 on Friday.

While that may seem minor, Beasley stock has seen nothing but growth across Q1 2021.

And, as the quarter comes to an end, C-Suite executives can take pride in the improvement.

As shown above, BBGI was priced at $1.63 as 2021 began.

While Beasley shares have a long way to go to return to where they were in 2019, it appears the path has been paved to reach that destination.