In praise of Arbitron


With all of the criticism heard regarding Arbitron, Lotus Fresno GM Mike Ginsburg thinks it’s only fair to praise them for good performance as well. “Arbitron is often a heat sync for pent up broadcaster frustration – I’m guilty as charged,” he says. But in this case, Ginsburg wanted RBR readers to know that Arbitron responded and performed well when he had a problem.

Read his open letter to Arbitron.


Erica Rios, Senior Bilingual Policy Analyst
Andrew Bunker, Policy Analyst
Brian Stauffer, Associate Policy Analyst
Dave Willinski, Senior Principal Policy Analyst
Claudine Knisley, Director of Syndicated Standards & Analysis
Leslie Reagan, Senior Account Manager
Steve Morris, Chairman, President, CEO

9740 Patuxent Woods Drive
Columbia, Maryland  21046

July 28, 2008

Dear Erica and above Addressed Arbitron Associates:

I take time to write this letter because as a professional broadcaster I know I and many of my colleagues are quick to point out areas of disagreement and perceived errors in ratings compilation and reporting Arbitron does.  Arbitron is often a heat sync for pent up broadcaster frustration– I’m guilty as charged!   

As one of my important vendor partners, it is fair and right that I acknowledge with equal enthusiasm the good quality responsiveness you perform!  I thank you and most sincerely appreciate the work you and your colleagues did on behalf of our station’s recent situation.  Thank you and everyone at Arbitron for your involvement and help in clarifying the confusion during our cluster’s frequency transition one station and a format change at the vacated frequency.  

When we reached out to you to clarify the above situation, you were quickly responsive.  I heard from Arbitron personnel in less than a day!  You pulled together a team of people to conference call with myself and our programming consultant.  The tone of the conference call imparted to me genuine and warm concern about the situation.  Everyone on the call at your end allowed for complete input and explanation from the stations and we felt like our issue was the only one you had to deal with that day, well knowing that’s not a luxury that happens.  We never felt we had to hurry up because you had some other duties to get to.  Our issue was not being ignored, shelved, or side-stepped.  We felt and think points were fully covered and discussed.  You appropriately tabled our concerns and said Arbitron would be taking a look at the situation.

One week later to the day of the conference call we received an answer addressing our concerns.  Very reasonable response time!  We appreciate the decision was what it was, favorable or not, and we have an understanding of it.

With my thanks,

Mike Ginsburg

GM, Lotus Fresno Corporation