In response to ScottENCO comments….


We noticed the posting “WideOrbit and ScottENCO” after WideOrbit officially announced the acquisition of Google Radio Automation.  We have made no comments regarding ScottEnco at any point in time prior to this email. They have made a lot of accusations about WideOrbit and specifically and repeatedly have used our name in print.  (e.g.

In general, I think their statements are designed to mislead rather than inform.    We have been surprised by the metaphors that they have used in their communication.   It is just plain silly to compare changing oil to solving real world, complicated problems in a radio station.  It is inaccurate and misleading when they compare software source code to the blueprint of a building.  The source code is the entire body of the software, not the plans used to write it.

WideOrbit has a reputation for customer service that is exemplary in the broadcast industry.   Independent TDGA (Traffic Directors Guild of America) survey results have consistently placed us #1 in customer support of all the broadcast vendors.    We intend to maintain this level of customer support with WideOrbit Automation for Radio and the legacy Maestro and SS32 product lines.

Sorry that you are being dragged into this ‘mudfest.’  While it may be marginally entertaining, we would prefer to discuss how we are investing in our products to help the radio industry.   Clearly our acquisition of Google Radio Automation combined with our existing significant efforts with WO Traffic for Radio demonstrates this investment. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

— Eric Mathewson, Wide Orbit CEO  [email protected]