Incentive Auction Paper Chase Begins


GavelThere are 22 pages worth of instructions for television executives and their attorneys to wade through for the upcoming incentive auction.

Specifically, the FCC has released Form 177 do’s and don’ts for full-power and Class A licensees can take part in the reverse auction.

The applicant must be the licensee of the station whose spectrum rights would be given up if it becomes a winning bidder. Information that is provided must include the applicant’s

legal classification, contact information, and authorized bidders. The applicant must also identify one or more relinquishment options for each station and disclose information about the company’s ownership structure.

Specific instructions regarding channel-sharing agreements are covered as well.

The application filing window now starts on Dec. 8. and closes on Jan. 12.

The auction is still set to begin March 29. Read the instructions here: