Industry group fighting for free TV


The call for access to television airspace rings loud, clear and often from the wireless community, but the Coalition for Free TV and Broadband says that doesn’t mean it rings true. It said that rumors of television’s imminent demise being spread by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation are grotesquely exaggerated.

Coalition Chairman Irwin Podhajser reacted strongly to remarks from ITIF suggesting that broadcasters not wishing to participate in an incentive auction should be forced to share channel space, and that the FCC should be allowed to hold a second auction in the event of a “botched” initial auction.

“First of all, the assumption by Richard Bennett and the ITIF that broadcasting is a dying technology is absurd, especially since just a few years ago they were singing the praises of the digital television transition,” said Podhajser. Additionally, if Mr. Bennett and the ITIF were serious about the importance of immediate availability of wireless broadband and competition in the industry, they would be fighting to allow the current holders of this spectrum (broadcasters) flexible use so they could offer wireless broadband internet to their communities. 

Maybe the ITIF is not concerned with the end consumers of broadband, but further enriching its board members.:
The Coalition says it would prefer no auction whatsoever, but if it cannot be avoided then it should be limited to one and one only, and Class A, low power and translator stations should be included in the proceedings.