INOmini Models Transition, With Receiver Phase-Out Complete


Inovonics has completed the transition to a new family of INOmini Monitor-Receivers for AM, FM, NOAA, HD Radio, and DAB+. The current line of INOmini receivers have been phased-out over time to be replaced by the new models.

As of today, INOmini models 633, 634, 636, 639, 660 are no longer available. 

The new models were introduced at the 2019 NAB Show; shipping commenced in June.

The new INOmini monitor-receivers offer: 

  • Larger LCD Display. Better resolution, Flashing Red Alarm message. 
  • Independently adjustable analog & digital audio outputs. 
  • Additional measurement metrics added for more information. 
  • Firmware is field upgradeable via USB. 

The INOmini occupies 1/3-rack, allowing broadcasters to optimize their rack space with INOmini solutions for audio processing, RDS encoding, and monitoring for AM | FM | RDS | HD-Radio | DAB+. Three units can be racked together in the optional 1U Rack Shelf to provide a customized solution specific to the broadcasters ́ needs.