‘Insider Tips (and Secrets) to Your Audio Processor’


Telos Alliance, the Cleveland-based broadcast audio technology company, has scheduled an Omnia webinar for February 3 that will offer participants the best advice on how to get their best on-air sound … “with confidence!”

The session, “Get Your Best On-Air Sound…with Confidence! Insider Tips (and Secrets) to Your Omnia Audio Processor”, is scheduled for 1pm Eastern on that Wednesday.

“Whether you already own an Omnia processor or are considering purchasing one, there is a world of untapped potential you may not even know about, waiting to be unlocked,” Telos Alliance says.

The session is to be hosted by Kirk Harnack, who will chat with Omnia experts and power users to bring participants “the little-known tips and insider secrets to getting the very best sound from your processor while exposing some of our favorite features.”

Those interested in attending the webinar can sign up here.

If you can’t make this time, register anyway and Telos Alliance will send you a recording of the webinar direct to your inbox.