Interep loins AdLab to launch “Noozbuzz”


AdLab Media, a broadcast ad agency and PR firm, unleashed its newest service this week.  Dubbed “Noozbuzz”, AdLab’s audio news release platform allows a company or organization to proliferate its message nationwide in a matter of hours.  AdLab has partnered with Interep, representing some 2,000 radio stations, for the launch. 

Barry Cohen, Managing Member, explains, “We are in the era of consolidated ownership of broadcast properties.  Unfortunately, consolidation shifts the focus from satisfying the public (radio listeners) and the advertisers, to keeping shareholders and investors happy, since the broadcast conglomerates have incurred so much debt to acquire the stations.  Translation: this invariably results in staff cuts.  Very few radio stations have reporters on the street gathering news.  Instead, they engage in what we call ‘rip and read’.  Most of what you hear comes from wire services.  Worse yet, in some cases, they are reading it right from the newspaper.”

According to Cohen, Noozbuzz bridges the gap between companies and organizations with a story to tell, and stations needing on-air content.  Cohen and his partner Bill Bird, a former news director, point to the increasing difficulty in getting through to newspaper reporters and editors with a traditional text press release.